2021 03 19

As a core member of Neo-Metabolism and Assistant Professor for Visual Methods, I offer creative strategy and executive sparring to anyone who is working towards making this planet more inhabitable.

My work usually starts with a conversation and concludes with an actionable report (written analysis + strategy or design recommendation). You can access my network to carry out consecutive steps, and I can guide the process if you wish.

My pricing follows a fair scale from €75 to €200/hour, depending on value-to-client. It makes a difference if you’re a solo entrepreneur or got a multinational corp behind you. With some projects, I accept equity as compensation.

Background: My father was known to be the best butcher in the village. I left, found rave culture, studied computer-based arts, and served as a Creative Director in design studios of global acclaim. For about ten years, I delivered aesthetic strategies and communication design with a critical edge to high-profile brands in fashion, luxury and tech. I know a lie when I see one.

Client review: “I can hardly put into words how I feel after reading it: this document is a piece of art. It's so cohesive. I'm able to see and feel the identity and vision that matches (brand name’s) soul. I love its humanity.”

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picture taken by Ana Rita Sousa