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In a line of work where being ahead of the curve is currency, I believe it's vital to have a solid sense of where culture is going. Now that our time is defined by climate crises, geopolitical instability, and complex identity politics, this requires not just understanding trends, but also larger sociopolitical currents and conceptual frameworks, while acknowledging our wider responsibilities. 

I work as a creative director, strategic consultant, and cultural producer across industries. Drawing on 20 years of practice in communication design, I can bring vision, context, and know-how to a project. My work items range from executive sparring to cultural forecasting, (brand) analysis and communication strategy, identity and community development, design direction, interaction design, store design, scriptwriting and artwork production. 

My past collaborations include the teams of Apple, Nike, Raf Simons, Real Review, LOT2046, Meiré und Meiré, XL Recordings, and the worlds greatest techno club. Gratitude to all my people. 

The image was captured by Olya, and Georgia helps me with words.

Home is Neo-Metabolism, I collect research  on are.na and file moods to IG 

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