(2019 03 24)

In the ten years leading up to today, I operated as a creative director at various design studios of global acclaim. I delivered communication strategies and designs for high end brands in the industries of fashion, lifestyle, cars, technology and luxury. 

I know a lie when I see one.

Today I practice as a consultant for communication strategy and design, as an associate professor for visual methods, and sometimes as a public speaker. I’m committed to an ethical and planetary viable practice in accordance with the Common Good Economy.

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If you’re interested in working together, please read on and enjoy a few minutes of fluff full disclosure.


My offer is a conversation-based consultancy relationship, meaning we would meet (online or offline) and talk about your project for about half a day. In a pleasantly focused workshop setting, I apply my knowledge, skill, experience, taste and intuition to produce compelling answers to your questions, and unfold the possibilities in exchange with you.

A conversation usually amounts to a briefing (a catalog of relevant facts, questions, assumptions and first ideas), that can be turned into a concept (a well-rounded narrative). We talk, in order to understand exactly what it is that your product, service, start-up, design studio, family business or global organisation might need to communicate itself more successfully. How to express its values and ideas correctly, honestly and effectively? It can be therapeutic: Core truths get revealed, and with more self-awareness a better quality of self-communication is possible.

Usually, an exploration of appropriate aesthetics and viable workflows comes next. How to give shape to something like a visual language, a website, a movement, photography, an editorial strategy, a space, a show, or a communication manual? Who will be the people that bring it to life? How will they work together? How to design within the constraints, budget or otherwise, while keeping the essence intact? I consult and facilitate in such matters.


As a default, I provide reports of our conversations, with an analytical summary and further elaboration of the discussed ideas, turning them into a written narrative, supplemented by conceptual diagrams. Source code for communications. I aim to describe and detail creative concepts in a way that is clear, agreeable and actionable for all people involved in the process. This can include recommendations towards the initial setup of people, timing and budget – but it is the conceptual cornerstones, with their sharp edges, which provide and sustain long-term value. Where appropriate, visual ideas are drafted, and contextualised with highly specific reference material, as building blocks for original aesthetic expressions and qualities.


Conversation + Report:
€1600 / $1800  

A half-day conversation, exploring a previously agreed-upon agenda of questions and desired outcomes. Within 5-10 working days after our session, I submit an actionable report to you, as described above. Up to half a day of self-guided research in preparation of our conversation is included. If desired, I connect you with talented friends to design & deliver your project, pursuing results of impeccable taste and quality.

One Conversation + Report can already define a project, but it can take a few iterations to address more complex situations, like a global process with many stakeholders, or plain wicked problems.

Conversation (no Report):
€500 / $600

This option is more of an exception, but Reports are less critical if you prefer to formalise your own conclusions and strategies. In order to grow your capabilities in this direction, I offer mentoring (at custom rates).

About subscriptions: It’s possible to meet every 4 weeks. Pricing would stay the same, but like this we can accomodate for steady progression.

A note: My collaborators receive full attention, which allows for a maximum of one (1) Conversation + Report per week.


It has been pointed out to me that my pricing is below market standards, with industry celebrities suggesting a 5x-10x rate when providing strategic 1:1 consultations for executives. My personal standard with this pricing is geared towards fairness and accessibility for small companies and family businesses, while sustaining a normal life in Amsterdam. I experience that “one rate for all” makes me feel and act less biased, more independent, modest and useful to my peers. The impact of my contribution (value to client) is a tricky thing to measure, especially when deployed through companies like Nike, Hermès, or Apple, who command their massive global audience mostly through brand capital. However, my contribution has been valued (and compensated) considerably higher than what I myself choose to ask today. How about you? 

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