2019 04 22

Over the past ten years, I operated as a creative director at various design studios of global acclaim. I delivered communication strategies and designs for high-end fashion, technology and luxury brands.

Today I produce aesthetic research, consult in brand strategy, and design communication formats across many channels. I have a guiding preference for projects that are honest, healthy, environmentally friendly, ambitious and future minded. In my function as associate professor for visual methods, I examine the ethics and aesthetics of technology, in a time where man and machine incontrovertibly merge.

Communication Consultancy

I offer communication consultancy, based on conversations and delivered in reports that contain research, strategy and design recommendations.

In a focused, half-day workshop, I apply my knowledge, skill and intuition to, together, define answers to your questions. By the end of our conversation, we want to arrive at a more profound understanding of what your product, service, start-up, design studio, family business or global organisation needs to communicate itself more successfully. How to express its values and ideas correctly and effectively?

Questions about design and workflow follow. How to give shape and relevance to your brand, its product strategy, digital presence, content concept, visual language, architecture and so on? Who is in the team and how do they work together? How to design within constraints (like budget), while keeping the essence intact and the impact high?

I consult and facilitate here, outlining options for you.

+ Reports

Following within 5-10 days, I deliver a report of our conversation, with an analytical summary and further elaboration of the discussed ideas, turning them into a written narrative, supplemented by diagrams. The report contains conceptual cornerstones and design guidelines. Where appropriate, visual ideas are drafted, and contextualised with highly specific reference material.

Reports serve as actionable documents for everybody involved in the further process, a bit like source code. If you like, I can gather a team of talents that will execute the project (design and production phase), materialising original content for you.

A client review: “I can hardly put into words how I feel after reading it: this document is a piece of art. It's so cohesive. I'm able to see and feel the identity and vision that matches (brand name’s) soul. I love its humanity.” 

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