this is a photo BY OLYA OLEINIC KYLE WEEKs
from our recent collaboration with Random studio
for Fred perry x Raf simons x 10 years

As a free agent, I contribute creative directions (conversations, concepts & designs) to collaborative projects. My practice branches into the fields of Communication Design, Digital Art and Learning, which I perceive to be interlinked.

Pursuing projects that aim to make a relevant and responsible contribution to culture, I work with people that share a basic set of values and curiosities.

At a time where man and machine incontrovertibly merge, my interest is in the aesthetics & ethics of technology. Seminars hosted by me at the Institute for Music and Media explore the function of visual codes as/in belief systems. Recognising how these codes work, can help us come to informed action with regards to how (and if) to apply them. These are a studies in mediated consciousness.

In 2017, I established Black Mountain Workshop, a space for experimental thought on design, paying respect to the progressive arts-based educational institution which operated from 1933 - 1957 and explored non-hierarchical modes of learning: The Black Mountain College.

Ever so often, I produce installations and performances with Marcus Schmickler. Pitchfork described our surprise piece at Unsound Festival as "a mischievous, brute-force approach to EDM's shock-and-awe tactics, rerouting rave's adrenalized energy through a maddening succession of Shepard tones accompanied by sweeping strobes" while another critic noted how "grown men screamed and wooed to raw sound and light. People turned to each other in disbelief and elation. Human agency ceased to matter and for just a moment sound was free." 

Formerly, I was in employment as Creative Director at Meiré und Meiré, Random Studio and Apple.

Below you find some of my personal favorite collaborations throughout the years. If you like to know details, or if we might have an interesting exchange about anything, feel free to start a conversation.

“Everything is recorded – Close but not quite (feat. Sampha)”, music video, 
a collaboration with the Black Mountain Workshop and XL Recordings 
→ play video

Raf Simons, website concept and designs (2015-2017),
a collaboration with Random Studio
→ read and see more on

“Apple Avenue”,
a visual merchandising concept and wall-furniture design for the new Apple Store,
at Apple (Cupertino, 2015)

“51 Sprints”, interactive documentary/speculative research, 
a collaboration with Random Studio and Het Nieuwe Instituut
→  read and see more at 
all research at 

Kenzo, Corporate Identity Reboot,
at Meiré und Meiré (Berlin, 2012) 
→ see more at

“Revolving Realities Redux”, Installation, 
A collaboration with Marcus Schmickler,
→ watch a fan video of us playing live at Unsound Festival
→ read a review of that gig

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