Personal Drama Surrogates
was a workshop at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, bringing together students in the Master Programmes Motion Design, Dramaturgy and Interactive Media for three days in February 2018.

It aimed to explore the mediated self and its flipside: digital otherness.We examined our ideas about what we perceive to be us, as individuals, and how these selves find their expressions through media. Contemporary technology and the more complex folds of truth-ness & unreality as we encounter them today turned out to be substantial parameters – both in the discussion and in the experimental, visual approximations that were created in the workshop.

Milena Mayer

Different mind states create different semantic logics. This audiovisual poem is constructed from dementia language fragments and digital glitches on a monitor with a broken cable.

Die Besprechung / The Conversation
Timm Völkner, Ulrike Kaffei, Mitja Oehm 

The self as a cloud of connected points, on permanent exhibition. Quick photogrammetric scans were used to create these visually arresting and intoxicating self-portraits.

Von Blase zu Schaum / From Bubble to Foam
Agnes Szedlak

Assessing “Exactitudes”, the seminal photographic work by Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek, the inner voices of the depicted people appeared silent. In a post-normcore world, these 12 images of “Casual Queers” (1995) are perhaps no longer representative of attitudes. Our appearances (today), despite following aesthetic categories and symbolism, say less about how we might actually feel and think about the world. Likewise, the relationship between the individual bubble and the collective foam is explosively more complex, and the things that can be said about it are now speculative in nature.

Hundi Spundi ist überrascht / Hundi Spundi is surprised
Merlin Deppeler


Agnes Szedlak – Participant, Dramaturgy
Carsten Goertz – Concept and support
Jürgen Klozenbücher – Workshop Coordination
Merlin Deppeler – Participant, Interactive Media
Milena Mayer – Participant, Motion Design
Mitja Öhm – Participant, Interactive Media
Timm Völkner – Participant, Motion Design
Ulrike Kaffei – Participant, Motion Design